The advantage of BV is that the same senior team that sells you the engagement then actually rolls up their sleeves and does the work.

Dino Robusto

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CNA Corporation

BV purposely built its organization with senior people who have executive experience from large, complex organizations. Our consultants are multi-disciplined in strategy, business, information technology, and large-scale project management with previous senior positions in Fortune 500 corporations and the world’s largest and most respected consulting firms.


We know first-hand how today’s large corporations operate and how to more rapidly and successfully implement critical business initiatives. As part of our approach, we deliberately take on a limited number of assignments at any given time. This way we ensure that your company receives the full benefit from BV’s uniquely experienced team of experts.

Katie Arabis
Terry Assink
Jack Bergstrand
Wally Buran
Bill Casey
Chris Danson
Bill Hartman
Vlatka Hlupic
Alan Kisling
Tom McGehee
Don Swann
Dorothy Vollmer
Rod Walker
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