Project Improvement

The Results

$80MM Savings 18x Return On Investment

The Problem


A multi-billion dollar international company was struggling with a critical ERP roll-out project that had fallen behind schedule and was facing significant budget overruns. Without change, the project was destined for further delays and project cost increases to the magnitude of two to three times the original estimates.


The Engagement


Following a successful Project Assessment, BV was engaged to implement a series of improvement steps. BV was able to accelerate the project and strengthen the client’s team with independent and experienced resources. The team was able to develop both a comprehensive action plan to keep the project on-track and a comprehensive contingency process to help manage risk better.  Also, BV made sure that the appropriate resources were involved and properly aligned, allowing the company to rapidly develop an agreed upon approach to resolve key issues within 48 hours. BV worked closely with executive management, the program director, the systems integrator, the software supplier, and the board of directors to keep the project on track and achieve the desired objectives.


The Results


As a result, the client regained control of the project, with over $80 million in overall savings. The board of directors and senior management’s confidence was restored with a much better understanding of the costs, benefits, and the project plan moving forward. The client received a return of approximately 18x on the company’s investment in BV’s services.

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