Independent Project Assessment

The Results

15% Cost Reduction 80x Return On Investment

The Problem


A large, global firm was in the midst of replacing a core system critical for its customer-facing operations. This custom software was being written and deployed in-house with a $55 million budget for design, development and implementation. Management began to see cost increase projections, a one-year quadrupling of resources and, more disturbingly, a six month extension to the schedule–and wanted an independent review to get the project on track.


The Engagement


BV was asked to perform an Independent Project Assessment and to look at all aspects of the program. With an independent and evolved project management approach using experienced consultants, BV rapidly assessed the history and current state of the initiative, from initial decision-making to project planning to global change management in the field. This engagement resulted in an action plan developed by BV with the client to produce a clear roadmap to get the project on a path to success.


The Results


The assessment delivered steps to greatly improve the project in key areas as well as specific recommendations to improve efficiencies and accelerate the project overall. This plan detailed a clear path to remove six months from the overall planned project timeline–representing a budget savings of 15% overall. The client received a return of approximately 80x on the investment in BV’s services.

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