Myers-Briggs is based on thinking from the early 1920’s. Personality instruments such as these are excellent at improving self-awareness. Yet, they were not designed to help people systematically implement change in large organizations. The Strategic Profiling online survey was designed specifically for this purpose.


The personal version of Strategic Profiling helps people, in only a few minutes, understand their individual success drivers and identify how to work with others to reach new levels of personal performance.


Strategic Profiling Group Version


To help teams implement critical initiatives better and faster, the group version of the Strategic Profiling tool, in conjunction with the one-day Action Planning session, helps project teams improve key project results.  Since 70% of large projects fall behind or fail completely, clients have found the group version of Strategic Profiling to be a very valuable tool—both to reduce costs faster and improve returns sooner.


To learn more about the individual and group versions of Strategic Profiling and the one-day Action Planning sessions, contact BV at



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