Playing to Win makes strategy clearer and more actionable

Playing to Win, developed by A.G. Lafley and Roger Martin, is a process to create a strategy for your business unit, division, or company. Strategy is a set of choices that enable an organization to win with its customers and against its competition. In conventional strategy-making processes, the emphasis is on planning and attempting to create a detailed articulation of the company’s future. In Playing to Win, we guide you through making five key choices that set the stage for effective action across the organization.


Versus the traditional strategy consulting approach, Playing to Win makes more sense. It does a much better job of helping to focus key stakeholders on the role of Strategy to: (1) Make choices; (2) Increase the odds of success; and (3) Combine rigor and creativity. Building upon this, the Playing to Win strategy cascading process helps teams co-create: (1) a winning aspiration, (2) where to play, (3) how to win, (4) needed capabilities, and (5) needed management systems.


We invite you to learn more about how BV can help you implement Playing to Win in your organization.


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