As companies implement critical reinvention initiatives, the IT organization must also transform itself to support the business productively. Sustainable reinvention requires that executives successfully “run” their organizations and “change” their organizations simultaneously—to maximize existing performance and create new capabilities for new times. BV’s IT Transformation services assist the CIO and other key stakeholders during this process to develop high performing IT organizations with the right capabilities at the right time.


Do you need IT Transformation services?
Critical business initiatives often require different IT organizations. If one of the following situations applies to you, BV can help.

  • Do your critical initiatives seem to take too long and cost too much?
  • Does your IT group feel disconnected?
  • Have you recently begun to implement new IT solutions without changing the organization?
  • Are roles and responsibilities between groups of IT professionals somewhat unclear?
  • Is there a large project team being folded into the IT function?
  • Are IT staff costs rising without an associated increase in results?

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